What to Watch Tonight

The B— in Apt. 23 Is Back, Bet On Your Baby Finale and More

  • Logo
    Don't Trust the B— in Apartment 23

    Leading up to the first of eight previously unaired episodes at 10pm, catch up with this 16-episode marathon.

  • Hallmark
    Cedar Cove

    Season 2 premiere: As painful memories resurface, Olivia struggles to support Jack and Eric at the hospital.

  • ABC
    Bet On Your Baby

    Season finale: A father guesses how many items his daughter can identify by touch, while a 3-year-old selects costumes. Livin’ the dream, that one. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Lifetime
    Expecting Amish

    On the precipice of becoming an Amish adult, Hannah (AJ Michalka, The Goldbergs) takes a trip to Los Angeles, where she falls for a DJ who gets her pregnant (Jesse McCartney, Army Wives).

  • CBS
    Bad Teacher

    Meredith accidentally pays for a ski getaway with money intended for a students’ trip to Sacramento, then argues with the parents of the school’s most gifted student. (Okay, in what universe would she not have been fired by now?)

  • Starz

    Tommy makes peace with Ruiz, while Ghost and Angela confront the reality of their affair.

  • BBC America
    Almost Royal

    Georgie and Poppy visit Washington, D.C., where they hire a Capitol speechwriter and meet with an easily distracted Congressman. (Also known as, simply, “a Congressman.”)

  • NBC
    The Blacklist

    Repeat to Revisit: Liz and the team must track down Mako Tanida, a former associate of Red’s, and Tom confronts Jolene about the mission.