What to Watch Today

Domino Masters Finale, RHOBH Returns, The Quest and More

  • Paramount+
    The Challenge: All Stars

    Season 3 premiere (two episodes): The latest cycle requires past contestants to have qualified for or won a Challenge final. (Watch trailer.)

  • Disney+
    Marvel Studios Assembled

    The latest installment takes viewers behind the scenes of the recently ended Moon Knight. Rescheduled for May 25.

  • Netflix
    Operation Mincemeat

    Film premiere: Two WWII intelligence officers (played by The Staircase‘s Colin Firth and Succession‘s Matthew Macfadyen) plot to break Hitler’s deadly grip on Europe by recruiting an unlikely secret agent: a dead man.

  • Disney+
    The Quest

    Reboot premiere: ABC’s short-lived hybrid competition series returns, dropping eight real-life teenagers into the fantastical world of Everealm, where they must save a Kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

  • The CW
    The Flash

    A bank-robbing meta distracts Team Flash from the grief of losing [Spoiler]. (Get finale scoop.)

  • Bravo
    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Season 12 premiere: After Dorit survives a home robbery, Kyle brings the ladies together to rally around their fellow Housewife.

  • CBS

    One castaway will be the first to drop out of the immunity challenge, leaving their fate up to a “Do or Die” game of chance. (Hear from newest jury member!)

  • ABC
    The Conners

    In Season 4’s penultimate episode, Jackie and Harris have news of their own to share with newly engaged Darlene. (Fred Savage fired as Wonder Years EP.)

  • Fox
    Domino Masters

    Season 1 finale: The final three teams can build whatever they want — but only one topple will be deemed worthy of the $100,000 prize. (Not yet renewed.)

  • NBC
    Chicago P.D.

    This week’s case, with a focus on buried memories, gets Burgess and Ruzek fretting about Makayla’s mental healing. (All the FBIs and Law & Orders renewed!)

    On May 11, 2006, The Office‘s Jim and Pam shared their first real kiss, in “Casino Night.” Where does it rank among TV’s longest-awaited first kisses?