What to Watch Today

Dominion Wedding, Rectify Debate, Rookie Crisis and More

  • ABC
    The Quest

    As Verlox’s army nears Saenctum, the Paladins must complete a number of tasks on horseback to display their field skills for Queen Ralia. (And the winner is… no one. And certainly not our Spell-Check.)

  • Syfy

    Nolan interrogates a Votanis Collective spy in an effort to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on New York.

  • ABC
    Rookie Blue

    Chris’ addiction comes to a head when he and Dov investigate a suspicious home invasion. Elsewhere, Traci inadvertently ruins Steve’s raid.

  • NBC
    Welcome to Sweden

    When language difficulties pose a barrier between Emma and Bruce’s friends, she questions whether he is doing everything he can to fit in. (P.S. In case you didn’t hear, the show’s been renewed.)

  • Syfy

    Season finale, 90 minutes: The revelation of a higher angel’s identity forces Alex to plead his case to the Senate. Meanwhile, Claire and William get married and Gabriel surrenders. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Sundance

    Daniel reluctantly asks for help, startling news leads to a heated debate in the Talbot house and CJ Pickens reveals some unsettling information.

  • NBC
    Last Comic Standing

    The final four comics perform for the judges. Later, one comic is eliminated from the competition.

  • USA Network

    Neil tries to remake his public image to atone for a past mistake, while pressures at work push Grace to make an impulsive decision. Kellie Martin (Life Goes On) guest-stars.

  • Sundance
    The Honorable Woman

    When the CIA stops an MI6 operative from investigating Meshal’s death, he turns his attention to Nessa and her kidnapping in Gaza eight years ago. Also, Nessa receives a mysterious phone call from a man with connections to Kasim’s kidnapping.

  • FX
    You're the Worst

    Gretchen makes Jimmy come over to her disaster of an apartment.