What to Watch Today

Christmas Story and Who-athons, Merry Dunphys and More

Christmas Story Billingsley

On TV this Christmas Eve: Law & Order: SVU decks its tree with a string of cases, a James Bond marathon will leave you shaken and stirred, Doctor Who is visited by the Ghost of Christmas (Specials) Past and Ralphie wants that Red Ryder badly. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

  • Epix
    A 007 Christmas

    Through Friday 6:20 am | Cuddle up under the tree with a bunch of Bonds, from Sean Connery (Never Say Never Again) to Daniel Craig (Skyfall). (See full line-up.)

  • USA Network
    Law & Order: SVU Marathon

    Through 11 pm | Or, as USA Network usually calls it, “Wednesday.”

  • IFC
    Batman Marathon

    Through 5 pm | Kapow! Biff! Watch a marathon of the original Adam West-fronted TV show. Z-z-zwap! Thunk!

  • Animal Planet
    Too Cute! Marathon

    Through Midnight | Warning: Adorable though they may be, baby goats are not a great last-minute Christmas gift.

  • BBC America
    Doctor Who Christmas Special Marathon

    Through Thursday 6 am | Whovians, gear up for Thursday’s big event with a string of Christmas specials past, starting with The Christmas Invasion. (Full schedule.)

  • FX
    Christmas Family Film Marathon

    Through Thursday 2 am | While the cookies are baking, tune in for flicks like Puss in Boots, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After and Christmas With the Kranks. (Continues Thursday 7 am-Friday 3 am.)

    A Christmas Story Marathon

    “You’ll shoot your eye out,” “Fragile!” and that terrible tongue scene… x 12.


  • NBC
    It's a Wonderful Life

    But really: Who’d trust Uncle Billy with all of that cash? Use your head, George!


  • CBS
    I Love Lucy

    If you missed the recent rebroadcast of two classic, colorized Lucy episodes — the Christmas installment and the Lucy-and-Ethel-work-the-chocolate-conveyor-belt fiasco — here’s another chance.

  • USA Network
    Modern Family

    Repeats to Revisit: On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Dunphys and Pritchetts Express Christmas™-ing! (Season 1’s “Undeck the Halls” follows.)