What to Watch Today

Christmas Story and Who-athons, Merry Dunphys and More

  • Epix
    A 007 Christmas

    Through Friday 6:20 am | Cuddle up under the tree with a bunch of Bonds, from Sean Connery (Never Say Never Again) to Daniel Craig (Skyfall). (See full line-up.)

  • USA Network
    Law & Order: SVU Marathon

    Through 11 pm | Or, as USA Network usually calls it, “Wednesday.”

  • IFC
    Batman Marathon

    Through 5 pm | Kapow! Biff! Watch a marathon of the original Adam West-fronted TV show. Z-z-zwap! Thunk!

  • Animal Planet
    Too Cute! Marathon

    Through Midnight | Warning: Adorable though they may be, baby goats are not a great last-minute Christmas gift.

  • BBC America
    Doctor Who Christmas Special Marathon

    Through Thursday 6 am | Whovians, gear up for Thursday’s big event with a string of Christmas specials past, starting with The Christmas Invasion. (Full schedule.)

  • FX
    Christmas Family Film Marathon

    Through Thursday 2 am | While the cookies are baking, tune in for flicks like Puss in Boots, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After and Christmas With the Kranks. (Continues Thursday 7 am-Friday 3 am.)

    A Christmas Story Marathon

    “You’ll shoot your eye out,” “Fragile!” and that terrible tongue scene… x 12.


  • NBC
    It's a Wonderful Life

    But really: Who’d trust Uncle Billy with all of that cash? Use your head, George!


  • CBS
    I Love Lucy

    If you missed the recent rebroadcast of two classic, colorized Lucy episodes — the Christmas installment and the Lucy-and-Ethel-work-the-chocolate-conveyor-belt fiasco — here’s another chance.

  • USA Network
    Modern Family

    Repeats to Revisit: On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Dunphys and Pritchetts Express Christmas™-ing! (Season 1’s “Undeck the Halls” follows.)