What to Watch Today

Dancing With the Stars Returns, Eye Candy Finale and More

  • ABC
    Dancing With the Stars

    Season 20 premiere: Celebs include Shark Tank‘s Robert Herjavec, Grammy winner Patti LaBelle, Bachelor Chris Soules and LMFAO’s Redfoo. (See full list.)

  • The CW
    The Originals

    Klaus attempts to learn more about Freya and her past with Dahlia; the body Rebekah has taken to is quickly regaining control.

  • CBS
    Mike & Molly

    Molly agrees to do Peggy’s chores in exchange for titillating stories for her next book. (Psst, hear the renewal news?)

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    April reconsiders what’s most important to her and whether her career should come first; Natalie and Dominic confront April about their romance.

  • Fox
    The Following

    Weston, Max and Ryan track the person responsible for their loss; Mark questions whether Kyle and Daisy can be trusted.

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Jane battles writer’s block, while Rogelio shadows Michael as research for his new role. Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) guest-stars.

  • MTV
    Eye Candy

    Season 1 finale: Lindy’s search for her sister leads her to a John Doe burial site. Little does she know that she’s presently being accompanied by her sister’s killer!

  • ABC

    Beckett and Castle partner with a detective from Hong Kong (Linda Park, Star Trek: Enterprise) after a man is murdered in Central Park. (See photos.)

  • AMC
    Better Call Saul

    As he continues to try and lure in elderly clientele, Jimmy relies on unlikely ally to do the right thing. (BTW, did you see who won Performer of the Week?)

  • NBC
    The Night Shift

    TC, Gwen and Joey work to save the life of a skydiver whose venture from the skies goes horribly wrong.