What to Watch Today

Twice the Selfie, The Daily Show's Democalypse and More

  • AOL Originals

    Season 2, 12 episodes: Exec-produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, this series follows the dancers, choreographers and other artists who comprise New York City Ballet.

  • ABC

    First up: Eliza and Henry’s weekend at Mr. Saperstein’s estate is tested by zero cell reception and the dangling of a promotion. Then in a second episode, Eliza is determined to get Henry some action, whether he likes it or not. (‘Member, Love Story is a goner.)

  • Fox
    MasterChef Junior

    Season 2 premiere: The 16 junior cooks are tasked with preparing dishes using Master Chef Junior Alexander Weiss’ fave ingredients, including pork tenderloin, green apples, hazelnuts, Brussel sprouts :-P filo dough, fingerling potatoes, wild rice and whole grain mustard.

  • ABC
    Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp to Pop!

    Revenge‘s Emily Van Camp aka Agent 13/Peggy Carter’s niece Sharon hosts this look at Marvel’s humble beginnings as Timely Comics circa 1939 to the birth of The Marvel Age in the 1960s, and finally the movie blockbusters of today.

  • Fox
    New Girl

    As part of Winston’s police academy training, the loft must pass a home visit — which shouldn’t be a problem, ‘cept Jess might be hiding illegal goods in her closet.

  • NBC
    Marry Me

    A gathering to celebrate the anniversary of Annie and Jake’s first date is disrupted by an epic storm, forcing everyone to huddle in the basement for shelter.

  • Fox
    The Mindy Project

    Danny decides to teach chronically late Mindy a lesson, while Tamra and Morgan set up Peter on a blind date with a novelist friend (Fargo‘s Allison Tolman).

  • NBC
    About a Boy

    Marcus takes the fall for a school incident his new crush was responsible for, leaving Fiona and Will to face some parenting conflicts in dealing with the situation.

  • FX
    Sons of Anarchy

    The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large. (Note: The 90-minute episode is followed by a 45-minute Anarchy Afterword.)

  • MTV

    Jenna and Matty receive important envelopes, and when they share the results with each other they fall into a “familiar” place; Tamara and Sadie have to work together on the cheer squad and on a rescue mission.

  • USA Network

    Nina learns about an upcoming gala where wealthy corporate lawyers — including her former colleagues — honor the public defenders. Desperate to be accepted back into that fold, she volunteers to deliver a speech.

  • Comedy Central
    The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

    Stewart’s live Election Night special, “Democalypse 2014: America Remembers It Forgot to Vote,” is followed at 11:30 by Colbert Report‘s less-succuncntly titled “Midterms ‘014: Detour to Gridlock: An Exciting Thing That I Am Totally Interested In — Wait! Don’t Change the Channel. Look at this Video of a Duckling Following a Cat Dressed Like a Shark Riding a Roomba ‘014!”