What to Watch Today

Girl Meets World Gets Flirty, Crossbones Plots and More

  • Disney XD
    Crash & Bernstein

    Kicking off Disney XD’s weekend-long “Show Me the Shark” event, Wyatt, Crash and Pesto go on a fishing trip that leaves them stranded on an island. (The fin-tastic theme continues with Kickin’ It, Mighty Med, Lab Rats and Saturday’s Wander Over Yonder and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.)

  • Nickelodeon
    Legend of Korra

    Beifong must face her past. Then at 8:30, despite Bumi’s bad attitude, Tenzin tries to train the new members of the Air Nation.

  • The CW
    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Repeat to Revisit: Glee‘s Darren Criss makes everyone’s teenage dreams come true when he joins in on the improv fun.

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Maya and Farkle teach a jealous Riley how to flirt after Missy works her charms on Lucas.

  • Fox
    24: Live Another Day

    Repeat to Revisit: In the season’s penultimate episode, Jack, Kate and Mark try to stop an international crisis, while Audrey does her own part to help prevent a war.

  • NBC

    Lowe plots to kidnap Blackbeard and deliver him to the English authorities, hoping to save Santa Compana from Jagger. Meanwhile, Jagger visits an asylum looking for a patient with the key to defeating Blackbeard.

  • Syfy
    The Almighty Johnsons

    Axl tries to track down the goddess Frigg, in order to prevent disaster from striking his family.

  • HBO
    Real Time With Bill Maher

    This week’s guests include the president of the North Carolina NAACP Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, George Takei (Star Trek), former congresswoman Jane Harman and editor Jamie Weinstein.