What to Watch Today

Crazy Ex Finale, Drew Barrymore's Cannibal Diet and More

  • Netflix
    Santa Clarita Diet

    Series premiere (all 10 episodes): A Realtor (Drew Barrymore) dies and comes back to life, only now with cannibalistic tendencies; Timothy Olyphant (Justified) co-stars. (Watch trailer.)

  • Amazon
    The Grand Tour

    Season 1 finale: In a battle of past vs. future, Jeremy champions a Volkswagen Golf GTI,  while James shows off an electric-powered BMW i3. (Already renewed.)

  • NBC

    Nick and Hank assist Wu with the investigation into a murder that took place at a nearby park; Monroe and Rosalee visit the doctor to confirm Diana’s premonition.

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    Caroline and Matt attempt to protect Mystic Falls from Cade, who returns with additional assignments for Damon and Stefan. (Preview Nina Dobrev’s return.)

  • CBS

    Using a fish scaler and fishing wire, Mac and Jack must find a corrupt FBI agent who framed a man for murder; team members anxiously await their first performance review from Matty.

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Eve makes a decision about college that Mike and Vanessa were not expecting; Kyle and Mandy try to honor Ed’s recently deceased dog.

  • The CW
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Season 2 finale: Rebecca’s dad pays her a surprise visit, which in turn gives her hope for the future; Josh takes a hard look at himself. (Get renewal status.)

  • NBC
    Emerald City

    Dorothy inches closer to discovering the truth about her past; the Wizard and Langwidere set a plan into motion.

  • Fox
    Sleepy Hollow

    Dreyfuss’ past is revealed when his former partner returns in hopes of settling an old score. (Fall behind? Read Episode 4 recap.)

  • CBS
    Blue Bloods

    Danny and Baez investigate the shooting death of a gang leader; Frank deals with Mario Hunt (returning guest star Method Man).