What to Watch Today

Containment Ends, Scream's Killer Carnival and More

  • Hulu

    Alex’s life is complicated by events that follow Sarah and Jordan’s engagement party; Valerie reconsiders her choices after being stood up by Jack. (Who was Performer of the Week?)

  • Hulu
    Difficult People

    Julie is assumed to be Italian; Billy is mistaken as straight; Mark Consuelos (All My Children) guest-stars. (Who received TVLine accolades?)

  • PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC and others
    Republican National Convention

    Night 2 of 4: Speakers include UFC prez Dana White, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, former AG Michael Mukasey, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump.

  • The CW

    Series finale: Lex tries to take Dr. Lommers down; Jana, Suzy, Teresa and Xander escape from the cordon; Jake and Cannerts make a discovery. (Too little, too late.)

  • TNT
    Animal Kingdom

    Smurf handles unfinished business; Baz initiates the final component of his con; J makes an unfortunate mistake.

  • Freeform
    Dead of Summer

    Deb moves up the masquerade party in an effort to boost morale. People in masks at a remote death trap — what could go wrong?

  • CBS

    The team makes an effort to reunite with Jamie; Logan and Jamie arrive in Caraquet and are immediately terrified by what they discover.

  • AMC
    Feed the Beast

    The Tooth Fairy presents Dion with a solution to his troubles; Tommy begins to unravel.

  • MTV

    The killer forces Emma to partake in a series of “games” during the Lakewood carnival; Brooke plots an attack. (Scream After Dark follows at 11.)

  • TBS

    The survivors decide to hold a trial after one of their own is badly injured; a new discovery threatens to change everything.