What to Watch Today

Helen Mirren Is Great, The Good Doctor's First Surgery, Abishola Dreams of Bob and More

  • Fox

    Athena takes action after Michael, May and Harry experience a traumatic traffic stop; Buck’s suit goes to arbitration; Lena helps Eddie with his anger issues.

  • The CW
    All American

    Spencer gets to the bottom of what’s bothering him; Coop enters a freestyle battle; Olivia joins the So Cal Muse group.

  • CBS
    The Neighborhood

    The Butlers and the Johnsons embark on a double date; Grover welcomes Malcolm and Marty to be the first guests on his podcast.

  • CBS
    Bob Hearts Abishola

    Abishola tries to repress her feelings after having a romantic dream about Bob. (Were compression socks involved??)

  • CBS
    All Rise

    Lola is torn when she must allow Phoebe (The Gifted‘s Emma Dumont), a nun with a shady past, to go to prison for a crime she believes is morally right.

  • The CW
    Black Lightning

    Lynn discovers that Jefferson made a deal with Agent Odell without consulting her first; Anissa and Grace have an emotional encounter.

  • Fox
    Prodigal Son

    Malcolm’s night terrors worsen as he attempts to unravel the mystery of “the girl in the box”; a secret brings Malcolm and Dani closer together. (Get scoop.)

  • HBO
    Catherine the Great

    Miniseries premiere: Oscar winner Helen Mirren plays one of history’s most revelatory rulers in this four-part drama about the empress’ time in power, as well as her relationship with Grigory Potemkin (Brotherhood‘s Jason Clarke). (Watch trailer.)

  • NBC
    Bluff City Law

    Sydney and Elijah help a 12-year-old client find justice for the failed levee system that flooded her town. (Psst, hear the bad news?)

  • ABC
    The Good Doctor

    Andrews questions whether Shaun is ready to lead his first surgery; Claire continues to avoid her feelings regarding Breeze’s death.