What to Watch Today

Broad City Returns, Goldbergs Get Weird, Survivor and More

  • CBS

    Season 32 premiere (90 minutes): The onset of the competition is plagued by one castaway’s excruciating pain after a Ceti eel bug gets caught in his ear.

  • NBC
    The Mysteries of Laura

    Laura and Jake are put on the case of keeping a well-known foreign dignitary safe as death threats loom and protests mount.

  • The CW

    The team uncovers H.I.V.E.’s plan; Lance wonders if Don- na is safer without him; Oliver’s guilt (understandably) builds as Felicity remains in the dark about his son.

  • ABC
    The Goldbergs

    Adam isn’t fond of Dana’s less-than-enthusiastic response about going to a Weird Al concert; Barry and Erica believe Murray is showing signs of depression.

  • NBC
    Law & Order: SVU

    An online pedophile ring is busted by an undercover op, revealing two high-profile suspects in the process.

  • USA Network

    Harvey challenges Mike to a winner-takes-all showdown to decide whether or not Mike will represent himself in the upcoming trial.

  • ABC
    American Crime

    Taylor attempts to stop feeling like a victim; Anne’s medical records are leaked online; Leslie makes Evy’s dad an offer to protect Leyland from litigation.

  • CBS
    Code Black

    Christa and Grace aid a patient (Cameron Boyce, Jessie) who claims to have been abused at a camp for troubled teens; Campbell asks out Grace.

  • Comedy Central
    Broad City

    Season 3 premiere: After experiencing wardrobe malfunctions, Abbi and Ilana go searching for a public restroom. (Already renewed for Seasons 4 and 5.)

  • TV Land

    Liza helps Charles with an assignment while attending a music festival with Josh.