What to Watch Today

Bob Hearts Abishola's Otherworldly Visitor, Naveen Andrews Meets The Cleaning Lady and More

  • Hulu
    Chefs vs. Wild

    Series premiere: In each episode, two chefs are dropped into the wilderness, where they must forage enough ingredients to make a five-star meal.

  • Spectrum

    Series premiere: An arm-chair detective (Mrs. Maisel‘s Luke Kirby) and a traffic cop (The Valet‘s Tiana Okoye) battle personal demons and Florida gators.

  • Disney+
    Dancing With the Stars

    Elvis Night will be split into three chronological acts, each exploring a different period of Presley’s career. (Who has best odds to win Season 31?)

  • CBS
    The Neighborhood

    Calvin immediately regrets taking Dave’s marketing advice; Gemma enlists Tina to help her struggling after-school music program. (Get scoop.)

  • Fox

    Athena’s father suffers a stroke; Hen stretches herself too thin; Maddie tries to help new recruit get his bearings. (Read premiere recap.)

  • CBS
    Bob Hearts Abishola

    As Bob considers his future at MaxDot, he seeks advice from his late father Max (played by Dharma & Greg‘s Joel Murray).

  • Fox
    The Cleaning Lady

    Thony must help Arman by meeting with Robert Kamdar (new series regular Naveen Andrews), Nadia’s charming ex. (Premiere post mortem.)

  • AMC
    Kevin Can F**k Himself

    What can’t Kevin ruin when he decides it’s inconvenient for him? In the series’ third-to-last episode, Allison decides to find out.

  • CBS

    A dad from McGee’s children’s school is linked to a break-in at a government storage bunker. (Gibbs scrubbed from opening credits!)

  • NBC
    Quantum Leap

    Ben finds himself aboard the space shuttle Atlantis in 1995; Addison finds herself at odds with Magic and Jenn. (Series premiere earned a “B+.“)

    60 years ago, The Beverly Hillbillies premiered on CBS…. 40 years ago, Knight Rider debuted on NBC.