What to Watch Today

Bitten Returns, ABC Finales, Amazing U-Turn and More

  • CBS
    The Amazing Race

    In back-to-back episodes, the Namibian race continues, but a flat tire threatens one team’s expedition. Plus, the dreaded double U-turn returns.

  • Syfy

    Stateside Season 2 premiere (two episodes): Elena and the Pack search for Malcolm Danvers. Later, Clay investigates a symbol tied to witchcraft.

  • NBC

    Nick and Hank’s latest homicide case is tied to a Native American myth; Juliette breaks a few laws; Monroe and Rosalee call on Captain Renard for help.

  • The CW
    Cedric's Barber Battle

    Series premiere: Cedric the Entertainer hosts as stylists vie with each other to create elaborate haircuts. Goosebumps, right? (The return of Whose Line Is It Anyway? follows at 8:30.)

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Season 4 finale: Ed and Mike take Ryan and his father on a hunting trip; Vanessa tries securing more RSVPs for Kristin’s wedding. (Not yet renewed.)

  • ABC

    Season 1 finale: Cristela and Maddie pass the bar, but Josh doesn’t; Daniela approaches her sister about moving out. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Riley is persuaded by a retail employee (Jessie‘s Debby Ryan) to abuse her emergency credit card. (Watch a exclusive sneak peek.)

  • The CW
    The Messengers

    Series premiere: When a mysterious object falls to Earth, five strangers perish… but are quickly resurrected with supernatural abilities. Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill), Sofia Black-D’Elia (Gossip Girl), Joel Courtney (Super 8), JD Pardo (Revolution), Diogo Morgado (The Bible), Anna Diop (Everybody Hates Chris) and Craig Frank (Mixology) star.

  • Syfy
    Lost Girl

    Stateside Season 5 premiere, Part 1: Bo travels to Hell and back to save a friend, while Tamsin faces a former enemy.

  • HBO
    Real Time With Bill Maher

    Guests include singer-turned-politician Clay Aiken and former New York Times scribe Judith Miller. (Think they’ll discuss Hillary’s shocking announcement?)