What to Watch Tonight

Big Brother Boots 2, Sunday Night Football and More

  • ABC
    The Quest

    Because Game of Thrones isn’t back for a few months, and you’ve gotta get your dragon fix somewhere

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Repeat to Revisit: Sheldon faces a personal crisis after breaking up with string theory. (And if you need perspective: On the scale of TV heartache, this falls somewhere between Ross/Rachel and Cristina/Burke.)

  • NBC
    Sunday Night Football

    Season 28 premiere: The Green Bay Packers play the Seattle Seahawks on a special night. (No, you’re not crazy: It’s Thursday.)

  • USA Network

    The so-bad-he’s-good doc reconnects with his ex, Sarah, who’s gone through a big change since they last spoke. Also, Eve spends time with Manny.

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    It’s time for a double eviction! Will one of the Detonators finally be sent packing?


  • Lifetime
    Project Runway

    The designers use Chopard jewels as inspiration.

  • USA Network

    Neil doesn’t know how to handle an ominous warning, while Grace discovers some upsetting information. (The show’s ratings?)

  • IFC
    Garfunkel and Oates

    To get a feel for how the other half lives, Riki and Kate trade hair colors.

  • FX

    Russ and Lina spend date night in their old ‘hood.

  • FX
    You're the Worst

    Jimmy meets Gretchen’s parents. Surely nothing cringeworthy and/or regrettable will happen.