What to Watch Tonight

Big Bang Finale, Elementary Gets Younger and More

  • Fox

    Two episodes: First up, the Jeffersonian team comes upon the remains of a private school student. Then at 9 pm, Alex Rockwell’s crimes are reexamined as his execution draws near.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    The Grey+Sloan docs deal with the aftermath of a calamitous event, just as Amelia unloads on Meredith about Derek’s death. (See exclusive photos.)

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    Damon takes Stefan on a road trip to evaluate his future with Elena; Alaric and Jo’s wedding day (finally!) arrives. (See photos.)

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Season 8 finale: Leonard and Penny discuss wedding dates; Sheldon and Amy face new relationship challenges. (Already renewed for Seasons 9 and 10.)

  • CBS
    The Odd Couple

    Two episodes: First up, Felix assumes the role of substitute yoga instructor, while Oscar and Dani get trapped on a subway. Then at 9 pm, Emily and Felix take part in a historical reenactment. “Weird Al” Yankovic and Regis Philbin guest-star.

  • ABC

    The VP calls upon Olivia to defend a woman in the Navy; Mellie’s senate race struggles continue.

  • NBC
    The Blacklist

    As the task force attempts to locate a dangerous assassin, Russian counter-intelligence offers insight on Liz’s mother.

  • USA Network

    Season 1 finale: The end of days is nigh unless Peter can stop the Order of Moriah; Lynn gets entangled in a turbulent confrontation. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Sundance
    The Red Road

    Season 2 finale: The Lenape tribe comes under attack by Levi and his men; Kopus and Harold locate Junior. (Not yet renewed.)

  • CBS

    Holmes and Watson come into contact with a gifted entomologist (Sutton Foster, Younger) while investigating the death of a beekeeping aficionado.