What to Watch Today

Banshee Finale, King of the Nerds, Jason Voorhees and More

  • EPIX
    Friday the 13th Movie Marathon

    The premium movie channel celebrates this ominous date with a 24-hour recounting of Jason Voorhees’ reign of terror! (See schedule.)

  • Fox
    World's Funniest Fails

    Spring finale: Terry Crews closes out this round of epic fails with guest panelists Tone Bell (Bad Judge), Arden Myrin (MADtv) and Brian Posehn (New Girl).

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Mandy gets caught planning a party with underaged drinking; Ed ignites Kristen’s wedding jitters when he shares his thoughts on marriage and divorce.

  • ABC

    Cristela must decide where her loyalty is most vital after promising Henry and Trent her accompaniment at separate events held at the same time.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    McGarrett and Odell (Michael Imperioli) help a troubled young man being hunted by a gang; Jerry is suspect No. 1 in a string of home invasions.

  • Fox

    Rachel is forced to choose between a return to NYADA and returning to Broadway alongside Jesse St. James; New Directions and the Warblers face off at Sectionals.

  • TBS
    King of the Nerds

    Season 3 finale: After a series of final challenges, a new king or queen is crowned by hosts Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong.

  • Cinemax

    Season 3 finale: Lucas preps for his return to Genoa; Proctor travels to Philly to sort things out with Frazier and the Black Beards; Brock gets what he’s been after.

  • CBS
    Blue Bloods

    Frank helps a woman from his past confront the man who killed her family; Eddie investigates an online kidnapping ring as part of her first undercover op.

  • HBO

    Thomas Morton investigates police militarization following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the protests his killing inspired.