What to Watch Today

Laura's Killer Reveal, Arrow's Revenge and More

  • The CW

    Oliver sets out on a manhunt, hellbent on revenge following Darhk’s most recent attack.
    (Read preview; Will Arrow notice “missing” Legends?)

  • NBC
    The Mysteries of Laura

    Part 2 of 2: Laura’s life is put on the line as the Michael Dunham murder case proves far from closed. (View photos; get casting news.)

  • ABC
    The Goldbergs

    Adam and Emmy are excited when their favorite game show holds auditions at their school; Beverly becomes a good luck charm for Barry.

  • The CW

    Lucifer’s offer to release Sam from his cage comes at an unfortunate price; Dean and Castiel look into Amara’s death. (Read preview; who’s coming back?)

  • Fox
    Second Chance

    The power surge used to reengineer Pritchard results in the prison escape of a murderous duo; Pritchard tells Duval that they’re half-brothers.

  • Syfy
    Face Off

    Paul Reubens (of the upcoming Netflix film Pee-wee’s Big Holiday) serves as guest judge when the artists concoct makeup based on an oversized toy.

  • CBS
    Criminal Minds

    Uber-scary! When bodies are discovered in public places throughout Boston, the BAU investigates whether a ride-share service could lead to the UnSub.

  • ABC
    American Crime

    New evidence arises about what really happened at the party; Kevin’s name turns up in an article as a potential participant in Taylor’s assault.

  • FXX
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Frank and Dennis face off against Dee and Mac for “control” of a ski mountain; Charlie learns the rules of the slopes. (Watch trailer.)

  • TV Land

    Liza and Kelsey prep for the launch of their new imprint, despite online criticisms.