What to Watch Today

Teen Wolf Vet Is on Partner Track, Hart/Wahlberg Comedy, See's End Begins, Stallone and More

  • Apple TV+
    Bad Sisters

    Ursula finds herself in John Paul’s crosshairs; Thomas hopes the police will help him.

  • Apple TV+
    Five Days at Memorial

    Staff members make drastic decisions as Mulderick & Co. attempt an evacuation.

  • Prime Video
    Making the Cut

    First, the the designers must create two winter outerwear looks. In a second episode, the designers must band together to create a cohesive collection.

  • Netflix
    Me Time

    Movie premiere: A stay-at-home dad (played by Kevin Hart) reconnects with his former best friend (Mark Wahlberg) on a wild weekend.

  • Netflix
    Partner Track

    Series premiere (all 10 episodes): Ingrid Yun (Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho) fights to make partner at a prestigious New York City law firm. (Watch trailer.)

  • Prime Video

    Movie premiere: A teen (played by Euphoria‘s Javon “Wanna” Walton) suspects his reclusive neighbor (Sylvester Stallone) is a presumed-dead vigilante.

  • Apple TV+

    Final season premiere: Baba returns to Paya in order to protect his tribe from a new and devastating form of sighted weaponry. (Watch trailer.)

  • Freevee

    Rooster gets into trouble with a local drug dealer. Then in a second episode, Melvin figures out a way for them to pay him back.

  • Apple TV+

    In the season’s penultimate hour, Sophie realizes there’s only one explanation for what happened on the ferry.

  • Apple TV+

    Scott’s book launch goes off the rails; Jason struggles with his new job; Nikki masters tough love.