What to Watch Today

Animal Kingdom Finale, Little Liars' Top Suspect and More

  • Hulu

    Valerie and Drew reluctantly spend time together during a visit to their accountant; Alex sees a therapist; Laura helps Spencer make some tough decisions.

  • Hulu
    Difficult People

    Julie realizes she prefers her mother’s company when they’re drinking; Billy tries dating a guy he met on an app.

  • NBC
    2016 Summer Olympics

    Select highlights in primetime include women’s gymnastics, women’s diving, and the men and women’s 200-meter butterfly final.

  • Freeform
    Pretty Little Liars

    Jason returns to Rosewood to warn Ali about Mary; the girls discover a storm cellar filled of clues; Noel Khan rises to the top of the Uber A suspect list.

  • TNT
    Animal Kingdom

    Season 1 finale: Baz investigates Catherine’s disappearance; the police threaten to take the Cody clan down. (Get renewal status.)

  • CBS

    Jackson discovers that his mom has gone missing as a hostile force takes over the team’s plane; Jamie learns something unexpected about Abraham.

  • The CW

    Original cast members Debra Wilson and Aries Spears return in a series of new sketches.

  • OWN
    The Haves and the Have Nots

    Jim partners with a former enemy to scheme against Candace.

  • HBO
    Hard Knocks

    Season 11 premiere: The Rams relocate to Los Angeles as they attempt to establish a new tradition in Southern California.

  • MTV

    Emma and Audrey are implicated by new evidence following another gruesome murder.