What to Watch Today

American Horror Stories Finale, Coroner Returns and More

American Horror Stories 1x07

On TV this Thursday: Coroner tackles COVID-19, Marlon Wayans returns to stand-up comedy and Dylan McDermott stages his American Horror Story comeback. Here are 12 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern.

  • FX on Hulu
    American Horror Stories

    Season 1 finale: Dr. Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) and Adelaide “Addie” Langdon (Jamie Brewer) return to Murder House. (Watch AHS: Double Feature trailer.)

  • HBO Max
    Eyes on the Prize: Hallowed Ground

    The new documentary honors Henry Hampton’s Eyes on the Prize, and presents “a mystical and lyrical reimagining of the past, present, and future.”

  • Peacock
    Five Bedrooms

    Season 2 premiere (all eight episodes): Ainsley, Harry, Liz, Heather and Ben find themselves on the hunt for a new home. (What else is streaming in August?)

  • Paramount+
    The Good Fight

    In Season 5’s penultimate episode, Liz and Diane must convince David Lee and the Dubai overlords to accept the new name partner, Allegra Jurado.

  • HBO Max
    Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is

    The actor/writer/producer uses his latest stand-up special to explore his greatest fears, as well as the bad decisions that tore his family apart.

  • HBO Max
    Sweet Life: Los Angeles

    Series premiere (first three episodes): From EP Issa Rae (Insecure) comes an unscripted look at “what it means to be young, Black, ambitious, and in constant pursuit of one’s dreams.” (Watch trailer.)

  • AMC+
    Ultra City Smiths

    Season 1 finale: Mills rises to action as a darkness looms over Ultra City. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Fox
    Beat Shazam

    Season 4 finale: Three teams of BFFs put their friendships on the line as they take on the Queen B. (Not yet renewed… but MasterChef is!)

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    Two nominees face eviction, and a new Head of Household is crowned. (Print Fall TV Calendar.)

  • NBC
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Two episodes: Uniformed officers come down with a case of the “Blue Flu”; Jake and Amy juggle work and home life; Rosa receives a new houseguest.

  • The CW

    Season 3 premiere: In the wake of COVID-19, Jenny investigates the death of a care worker whose body is found in their car. (Watch trailer.)

  • Freeform

    When her boss steals her ideas, Zoey debates whether to speak up and risk her internship, or sit silently. (Read Episode 6 post mortem.)