What to Watch Today

NPH's Unfortunate Gig, Five-0 Vet Exits, Sneaky Pete and More

  • Netflix
    A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Series premiere (all eight episodes): Neil Patrick Harris stars as the villainous Count Olaf in this adaptation of the Lemony Snicket book series; Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement) co-stars. (Watch trailer.)

  • Amazon
    Sneaky Pete

    Series premiere (all 10 episodes): A con man (Giovanni Ribisi) takes on the identity of his former cellmate and begins working in the bail-bond business; Margo Martindale (The Americans) co-stars; series co-creator Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) recurs.

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    In the series’ penultimate episode, the kids contemplate their futures as Riley’s 16th birthday approaches. (Did cast and crew know the show was ending?)

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    Stefan and Damon look for their next victim at an anger management group, and challenge the morals of a young doctor (The Lying Game‘s Alexandra Chando).

  • NBC

    Hank and Wu figure out a way to stop Renard; Diana demonstrates her abilities; Eve and Trubel look into the mysterious cloth found with the healing stick.

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Mike is asked to submit an artifact to a renowned museum; Vanessa invites herself to the girls’ slumber party. (Get ABC midseason premiere dates.)

  • The CW
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Rebecca sees her rabbi (Penny Dreadful‘s Patti LuPone) at a family bar mitzvah, and realizes her quest to find happiness is far from over. (Hear the good news?)

  • NBC
    Emerald City

    Dorothy discovers that the Wizard has sent his guards to kill her; the Wizard seeks counsel as the witches gain power. (What did you think of the premiere?)

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    Five-0 Hawaii Five-0investigates a murder that took place during a police convention; Max (exiting cast member Masi Oka) prepares to leave the island; Jimmy Buffett returns as Frank Bama.

  • Fox
    Sleepy Hollow

    Crane and Jenny try to find a way to break difficult news to Diana, as the new team investigates a case of witchcraft. (Thoughts on Season 4’s reboot?)