What to Watch Today

Hugh Hosts the Tonys, Veep and Cosmos Finales and More

  • CBS
    68th Annual Tony Awards

    Neil Patrick Harris Hugh Jackman returns to host the celebration of Broadway’s best, with presenters including Zachary Quinto, Kate Mara, Leighton Meester and Liev Schreiber. (Hedwig‘s NPH however will perform, as will Cabaret‘s Alan Cumming, If/Then‘s Idina Menzel and others.)

  • NBC
    Miss USA

    Live from Baton Rouge, E!’s Giuliana Rancic and MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts host the pageant. (Who else plans to cover their ears during the Q&A round?)

  • Fox

    Season finale: The Ship of the Imagination makes a final journey to explore dark energy, one of the universe’s biggest mysteries.

  • AMC

    Season finale: Mary struggles with the knowledge that Abe is a spy for the rebels, and Ben and Caleb lead a raid on Setauket. (Not yet renewed.)

  • HBO
    Game of Thrones

    In this season’s penultimate hour, Jon Snow and the rest of the Night’s Watch face the biggest challenge to The Wall yet. (Welcome back, looming sense of dread!)

  • Showtime

    A run-in with a nun helps Hank put things in perspective after he flashes back to turbulent times with Karen.

  • AMC
    Halt and Catch Fire

    Joe’s team must overcome internal differences and start building the new machine.

  • HBO

    Season 3 finale: In two back-to-back episodes, Selina’s staff tries to make her more “folksy” and juggles her multiple campaign appearances before the New Hampshire primary. (Yep, already renewed!)

  • WGN America

    The town is rocked by the arrival of Cotton’s father, who is described as “insane on a good day.” Ah, family.

  • Lifetime
    Devious Maids

    Nicholas asks Marisol a surprising question, and Opal turns to Ethan for help.