What to Watch Today

Time's Up for 24, Dome Drops Acid, a Major Return and More

  • The CW
    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Former Spice Girl/current America’s Got Talent judge Mel B joins the improv team. (Can they give her three X’s if she’s really awful?)

  • ABC Family
    Switched at Birth

    The Kennish and Vasquez families rally to support a loved one who is in critical condition.

  • The CW

    Series premiere: As best friends Ryan (Noah Reid, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High) and Brandon (Dillon Casey, Nikita) race across Europe to find Ryan’s missing bride-to-be, they must also track down the jerk who posted Ryan’s lost journal on the Internet. (To be fair, Ryan seems to lose a lot of important things.)

  • Fox
    24: Live Another Day

    Season finale: Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert a war with China. (Not renewed, but EP Manny Coto says he “would love to take another crack at it.”)

  • TNT
    Major Crimes

    The MCD searches for the killer of a young runaway, and Raydor consults her husband (returning guest star Tom Berenger) about a proposition she has for Rusty.

  • The CW

    Series premiere: Years after donating to a sperm bank, bachelor Harry Dacosta (relative newcomer Adam Korson) is shocked to discover he’s father to a 9-year-old son (William Ainscough, Zapped) and 15-year-old daughter (Abby Ross, Once Upon a Time).

  • CBS
    Under the Dome

    A downpour of acid rain threatens the lives of everyone it touches, and Rebecca clashes with town barber Lyle (guest star Dwight Yoakam, Sling Blade) over reasons for the dome’s existence.

  • ABC

    April braces herself for Daniel’s response when she finally confronts him to come clean. Meanwhile, Dom catches Savi in a lie about Zack and suggests they all meet. (That’ll go well.)

  • OWN
    Operation Change

    President Bill Clinton and actress Marlee Matlin join the team in Colombia to help those displaced by violent local militias.

  • A&E

    When an accident leads to Vic and Sean’s kidnapping, Walt makes an unlikely alliance to rescue them.