What to Watch Today

24: Legacy's Cash Grab, Scorpion vs. 'Sharknerdo' and More

On TV this Monday: Scorpion tries not to jump the shark, Jane the Virgin goes viral and 24: Legacy settles into its regular day and time — as lead-in to the new cop drama APB. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • Fox
    24: Legacy

    Time slot premiere: Carter must return to his roots and lay his hands on big money when Ben Grimes demands a payday in trade for the flash drive.

  • Freeform

    Isabelle and Clary visit the Iron Sisters to try and get to the bottom of what Valentine has planned; Simon and Maia search for Luke.

  • The CW

    Kara and Hank try to protect M’gann when a shape-shifting martian comes to take her back home. (“Lois Lane” is coming; who’s your favorite “Super” reporter?)

  • Fox

    Series premiere: A billionaire (Weeds‘ Justin Kirk) invests in a troubled Chicago police district, transforming it into a CSI: Cybery “technically innovative” police force; Natalie Martinez (Kingdom) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) co-star.

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Jane and Michael try to recreate their first date; Rogelio goes viral after a red carpet freak-out; Bruce’s daughter gets in trouble. (Hear the good news?)

  • CBS
    Superior Donuts

    Time slot premiere: Arthur tries to come up with a delectable new donut after Franco’s inventive flavors become bestsellers.

  • CBS
    2 Broke Girls

    New time slot alert! Caroline worries about leaving Max alone at the dessert bar to go out on her first date with Bobby.

  • ABC

    Alex tries to convince Owen that there is a traitor amongst them; in the future, the terrorists use new tactics to gain intel. (Watch aTVfest Q&A.)

  • CBS

    ScorpionIn the aptly titled “Sharknerdo,” Walter and Paige’s boat sinks en route to find sunken treasure, stranding them in the Pacific surrounded by (poorly CGI’d) sharks, while Blake Lively’s lawyers attentively take notes.

  • NBC

    Flynn travels to the day Charles Lindbergh (Justified‘s Jesse Luken) completes his transatlantic flight; Rufus and Lucy team with a young Ernest Hemingway (General Hospital‘s Brandon Barash); Jim Beaver (Supernaturalbegins an arc.