What to Watch Today

12 Monkeys Breaks Out, The Fall Season 2, Helix and More

  • Netflix
    The Fall

    Season 2 premiere, six episodes: Detective Stella Gibson continues her search for the murderous Paul Spector as a link to his past provides new clues.

  • NBC

    Time slot premiere: When John summons a demon into himself to ward off a monstrous attack, Chas, Zed and Anne Marie work to save him. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • The CW
    Hart of Dixie

    Wade turns to Lemon for love advice, while Lavon and George partner up to get the dirt on Lemon’s new beau.

  • Fox
    World's Funniest Fails

    Series premiere: Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) shares the best-worst viral videos the Internet has to offer. (A new episode of Glee follows at 9:00.)

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Riley asks for Cory’s help when she attempts to set up Shawn (Rider Strong) with Maya’s mother. (Check out exclusive photos.)

  • Syfy
    12 Monkeys

    Series premiere: Decades after a plague kills off most of the human race, a time-traveler (Nikita‘s Aaron Stanford) teams with a virologist (Suits‘ Amanda Schull) to stop the source. (Get scoop.)

  • NBC

    Nick and Hank race to save Monroe from the Wesen group targeting him and Rosalee; Juliette may or may not permanently be a Hexenbiest. (Get scoop.)

  • Fox

    Rachel and Kurt struggle to rebuild and co-direct McKinley’s glee club; Sue is concerned when Becky brings her new beau to town.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    Five-0 unearths the truth behind the long-ago vanishing of four reform school boys. Sarah Jane Morris (NCIS), Brian Letscher (Scandal) guest-star.

  • Syfy

    Season 2 premiere: The CDC team lands on an island populated by a mysterious cult and its beguiling leader (Steven Weber, of seemingly everything).