Worst Cooks In America Recap: Fishy Business

With only six contestants left, and the kitchen competency level on the rise, the producers of Worst Cooks in America had to get a little more creative last night to whip up an episode that would satisfy our appetites for comical culinary horror. The solution? “Giant monster fish” and slippery squid to send our queasy cooks into fits of fear. …READ MORE

Worst Cooks in America Recap: Cooking the Sacrificial Lambs

Nobody ever said life was fair, and that goes double for the deliciously cruel world of reality television. All the evidence you needed could be found in this week’s installment of Worst Cooks in America, which found hapless Kat surviving to fight another week despite serving up a piece of lamb so raw its hue was downright aubergine and a pile of fennel that was more bludgeoned than shredded.

Why the miscarriage of justice? …READ MORE

Worst Cooks in America Recap: Two Raws Don't Make a Right

Just as The Bachelor makes for feel-good TV by offering up snapshots of romantic love so mindless and undignified that our own relationships can only shine by comparison, so too does Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America make our average paper plates of burnt toast look downright intoxicating next to the inedible output of its hapless anti-chefs.

Last night’s episode featured turkey alla salmonella, “steamed” (read: gray and bloodied) steak, and a salsa cruda recipe infused with just a hint of a contestant’s saliva. Perhaps even more shockingly, two of those “delicacies” didn’t get their creators ousted from the competition. Yet with six players each left on Chef Anne Burrell’s Red Team and Chef Robert Irvine’s Blue Team, there’s still plenty of abuse being directed at innocent vegetables and proteins. …READ MORE