Sleepy Hollow @ PaleyFest: Secret Weapons, Horsemen Hopefuls and, Of Course, Skinny Jeans

Bad news for Crane and Mills: Sleepy Hollow‘s newest horseman of the apocalypse is calling in reinforcements.

“War doesn’t work by himself, does he?” series co-creator Roberto Orci asked the crowd at the show’s PaleyFest panel Wednesday night. “There’s a lot of amazing footsoldiers coming.” READ MORE


Sleepy Hollow Exclusive: Tom Mison, EPs Break Down the Finale's Big Moment in the Church

“Our work is not done. You will come back for me.”

If you’re still reeling from the self-sacrifice that took place just after that bit of dialogue was spoken in Sleepy Hollow‘s season finale Monday, maybe getting star Tom Mison‘s insight on the scene will make you feel better. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO