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This Is Us Video: Mandy Moore Says Clues About Future Rebecca's Deathbed Situation Will Be Scarce

If This Is Us‘ Season 3 finale left you wondering exactly what is going on there with aged, bed-ridden Rebecca, you best get familiar with the word patience. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Post Mortems

This Is Us Season Finale Mystery: Where the Heck Were Annie and Deja?

This Is Us fans were quick to put an APB out on the inexplicably MIA Miguel in the wake of Tuesday’s season ender, but what about Annie and Deja? Randall and Beth’s youngest daughters were also absent from the finale’s climactic flash-forward sequence. READ MORE

Post Mortems

This Is Us EPs Dissect Finale's Twist Ending and That Big Breakup

This Is Us went back to the future in Wednesday’s Season 3 finale to resolve a number of lingering mysteries about the Pearson clan, but all we can focus on are the new questions the episode-ending flash-forward raised. And it raised a multitude of them. READ MORE