Throwback Thursday

Danneel Ackles Rewrites Rachel's Tragic One Tree Hill Ending: 'She Deserves Some Happiness'

Sure, Rachel Gatina pulled a few stunts during her tenure on The WB/CW’s One Tree Hill — including steering a limousine off a bridge, nearly killing four people in the process — but even with all those wrongdoings under her belt, she still deserved better. READ MORE

Charmed 10 Years Later: Showrunner Talks Prue's Death, Phoebe's Tragic Love, Billie's Rumored Spinoff and More

From 1998 to 2006, Charmed reigned supreme on The WB. And while the latter is but a distant memory (R.I.P., Michigan J!), the former lives on in syndication, Netflix and the hearts of commuters who wish they could just orb home instead of having to sit in traffic. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS