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The Royals Finale: William Moseley Breaks Down Biggest Cliffhangers, Looks Ahead to Potential Fifth Season

King Robert’s wedding day finally arrived on Sunday’s season finale of The Royals, presenting his family with the perfect opportunity to expose him in front of the entire world. READ MORE & GRADE IT


The Royals Finale Video: Liam Reaches Out to King Robert on His Wedding Day

Ready or not, the Royal Wedding is just two days away. (No, not that Royal Wedding.)

I’m talking about the highly anticipated union of King Robert and soon-to-be Queen Willow on Sunday’s season finale of The Royals READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Post Mortems

The Royals Star Breaks Down 'Hardcore' Finale: Did Cyrus Blow His Brains Out?

A new villain revealed himself in the final moments of The Royals‘ third season finale — only he’s not new. In fact, the little bugger has been hiding in plain sight all season. READ MORE & GRADE THE FINALE