The Glee Project Recap: Tenacious Deeds

This week’s Glee Project went beyond the stated task of testing the final seven contestants on their tenacity, and turned into a grueling gauntlet that pushed the would-be Damian McGintys to the physical and emotional breaking point.

“Oh no, she’s vomiting with exhaustion!” “That dude might’ve sprained his ankle!” “They aren’t really going to do a 34th take because the girl in the wheelchair can’t make a basket with her back turned to the hoop, are they?” Oh yes, they are. READ MORE

The Glee Project Recap: It's Only Fear That Makes You Run

Memo to all future Glee Project contestants: When you’re in the Bottom 3 and fighting for your life in the competition, never ever answer a question from Ryan Murphy — be it about your childhood traumas or your feelings on hairless cats or your favorite brand of toilet paper — with a shoulder shrug and a mumbly “I dunno.” READ MORE

The Glee Project Recap: The Only Thing They Had to Fear Was Fearlessness Itself

Smiling after getting slushied. Being sexy and not knowing it. Making up words to well-known songs right after Ryan Murphy tells you to stop heeding only the sound of your internal drummer. Pushing your body to such extremes that you momentarily lose the ability to breathe.

Three of these four behaviors resulted in a brush with elimination for this week’s contestants on The Glee Project, while the fourth …READ MORE

The Glee Project Recap: Sexual Ceiling

What this week’s episode of The Glee Project lacked in suspense, it made up for in peculiar delights. We got the Color Me Badd flashback we didn’t even know we wanted. We received a translation of Kelis’ “Milkshake” lyrics rooted entirely in economic theory. And we even got video director Erik White sending an unruly contestant to the naughty corner. READ MORE

The Glee Project Recap: Everybody Cries

The ability to cry on command is an important part of any actor’s arsenal. Still, the Bottom 3 contestants on this week’s Glee Project put on such a display of waterworks during their last-chance performances, I was a little worried Glee‘s executive producer Ryan Murphy and his team of mentors might be swept out to sea, never to resolve the burning question of what the heck Kurt Hummel’s gonna do with his life now that he’s not getting into NYADA. READ MORE

The Glee Project Season 2 Premiere Recap: Here They Go Again

In the words of Ryan Murphy, Season 2 of The Glee Project isn’t so much a talent contest as it is an “inspiration contest.” But let’s be honest: The grand prize isn’t going to go to some Sugar Motta type with a really touching backstory.

After all, if there’s really only going to be one winner of a seven-episode arc on Season 4 of the Glee mothership, I kinda sorta want that person to be the best all-around singer/dancer/actor among the 14 hopefuls looking to …READ MORE