Exorcist Stars, EP Warn 'Evil Is Acting Out in the Real World' — Watch Video

Don’t let Geena Davis’ warm smile and gentle tone in this exclusive Exorcist first look video fool you: Fox’s upcoming adaptation of the classic horror movie is pee-yer-pants, sleep-with-the-light-on scary. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

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The Exorcist Review: What the Hell? Maybe the Devil Made Them Do It?

There’s a moment in the pilot for The Exorcist that is so spine-tingling and cool that it actually gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately, the reason the moment is so creeptastically effective has nothing to do with this show READ MORE


The Exorcist Comic-Con Trailer Makes Terrifying Child's Play of Possession

“Demons aren’t real, they are metaphors,” Alfonso Herrera’s Father Tomas swears to Geena Davis’ worried mom of a possessed girl in the Comic-Con trailer for Fox’s series version of The Exorcist. But READ MORE & WATCH TRAILER