It's Official: Frances Conroy, Taissa Farmiga to Return for American Horror Story's Third Season

American Horror Story leading ladies Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga will be back for the series’ upcoming third season.

Farmiga played tortured teen Violet in Season 1 of Ryan Murphy‘s FX scarefest. Conroy appeared in the first season as ghostly maid Moira and in the second as a noir-tinged Angel of Death. READ MORE

Did the Horror Story Daughter Give Up the Ghost? Taissa Farmiga Teases Twist Plus Season Finale

Violet Harmon’s recent attempt at an overdose of pills — coupled with her conspicuous absence from the last episode — has some fans of FX’s American Horror Story (Wednesdays, 10/9c) speculating that the troubled teen has joined boyfriend Tate in the ghost world. Tonight, that mystery will be addressed. READ MORE

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In Review: Does FX's American Horror Story Have the Fright Stuff?

Is the American Horror Story Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are about to tell a page-turner or a stomach-churner? A bit of both? This much is certain: The new FX series, premiering tonight at 10/9c, is certainly one polarizing piece of fright fare. READ MORE

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Fresh Faces for Fall: Who's on Our Radar (and Should Be on Yours!)

Fall TV is almost here, which means some of your favorite actors will soon be back in series either new (hi, Zooey Deschanel!) or familiar. But there’s also plenty of promising fresh faces making their way to your TV this season. Some have paid their dues with myriad guest spots and supporting roles. Others are so straight off the bus we have to wonder if they even have their SAG card yet. READ MORE