Survivor: South Pacific: Team Savaii or Team Upolu? And Did Rick's Tribal Vote Make Sense?

This week’s edition of Survivor: South Pacific examined an important question — and thankfully it had nothing to do with whether or not Edna’s blind loyalty to Coach would result in her eventually serving as Ozzy’s Chief Hiney-Wiping Officer. (More on that horrific image in a moment.)

No, as Jeff Probst so astutely framed it, Tribal Council asked …READ MORE

Survivor: South Pacific: Would You Have Said 'Yes' to Coach's Hug?

Kudos to Survivor: South Pacific‘s editing team for attempting to infuse some suspense into what was essentially one of the more predictable episodes in recent memory.

Early in the proceedings we got Jim and his “suspiciously white teeth” approaching Cochran, then Cochran approaching Dawn, about trying to stir up a Savaii blindside against …READ MORE

Survivor: South Pacific Season Premiere: What Was This Week's Weakest Move?

Survivor: South Pacific — which, for the uninitiated, is not a reality show-Broadway musical hybrid — got off to an intriguing start Wednesday night. Familiar faces Ozzy and Coach returned for their third attempts at outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying the opposition, but fortunately, the 90-minute season premiere didn’t …READ MORE AND VOTE

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Survivor: South Pacific Brings Back 'Coach' and Ozzy: Third Time's the Charm...?

Though you will see many a stranger across a crowded lagoon, Survivor: South Pacific will also feature two familiar faces: Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth, CBS announced on Wednesday morning, confirming online rumors. And at last one Survivor vet predicts they both will have a very hard time this latest time around. READ MORE