Survivor: Is Boston Rob Making a Strategic Error by Hiding His Immunity Idol?

Boston Rob has what appears to be an unbreakable hold over the Ometepe tribe on the current season of Survivor: Redemption Island. In fact, the only scenario he can’t seem to manipulate is getting Phillip to put on some damn pants and cover up his appalling pink undies.

Still, I started getting nervous last week when the veteran player …READ MORE

How Did You React to Russell's Emotional Moment on Survivor: Redemption Island?

I’m having a hard time getting stoked about the “Redemption Island duels” that are becoming a central component of this current (and otherwise pretty darn thrilling) Survivor season. Wednesday night’s showdown, however, got my pulse racing — and not because I’m a huge fan of high-stakes dominoes. …READ MORE

Survivor Recap: 'Biggest Blindside Ever'?

Kudos to the Survivor editing team for giving this week’s Tribal Council a classic aura of “will she or won’t she?” suspense. Indeed, it all came down to quiet, reasoned firefighter Julie (or “the old lady,” as Russell likes to call her) and whether or not she’d sell out her alliance to join forces with the franchise’s infamous villain and his two “concubines” (Mike’s word choice, not mine).

But first, it was off to Redemptions Island Arena …READ MORE

Survivor: Redemption Island: Who Are Your Early Picks for the Final Three?

Last night’s season premiere of Survivor: Redemption Island featured what Jeff Probst referred to as one of the “most amazing Tribal Councils” in show history. Somehow, Kristina found herself a hidden immunity idol without a single clue to help her cause. Somehow, Boston Rob grew to suspect …READ MORE

Ratings: Criminal Minds Spinoff Behaves Well, Sunshine Dims More Than Some

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior overcame middling reviews to post strong numbers in its Wednesday premiere. The CBS spinoff not only slightly improved upon its mothership lead-in, but with 12.9 million viewers and a 3.3 rating delivered increases of 4 percent and 41 percent over time-slot predecessor/placeholder Blue Bloods.

The news was not nearly as good for another midseason newbie … READ MORE