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Walking Dead Boss Tackles the Big Glenn Mystery, Offers 'Definitive' Answer About [Spoiler]

The following story contains a massive spoiler about Sunday’s Walking Dead. You know the drill — if the episode remains on your to-do list, bail now. The rest of you may proceed… READ MORE

Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Talks Glenn's New Role, Governor Vendetta and 'Eating S#%&'!

While you were counting down the days (minutes, seconds) until the fourth season premiere of The Walking Dead (Sunday at 9/8c on AMC), we were grilling Steven Yeun, who plays newly minted badass Glenn.

We would’ve been happy if he’d dropped a teaser or two, but instead, the actor not only revealed the significance of …READ MORE


The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun on Glenn as New Group Leader: 'He Needs to Step Up'

Three seasons in, and The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun is finally starting to get that his show is kind of a big deal.

At Comic-Con, Yeun swung by to talk about how even a recent jog turned into a wake-up call about the AMC drama’s insane amount of devoted fans. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO