We Asked Shonda Rhimes 9 Qs About Grey's — Here Are Her Answers

Ahead of Grey’s Anatomy‘s return on Thursday, Jan. 19, I put in a request to speak to series creator Shonda Rhimes about the second half of the ABC drama’s 13th season. She was unable to hop on the phone with me due to her busy schedule, but she agreed to answer a handful of questions via email. READ MORE

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Grey's Anatomy Eyes 'Lighter' Arc for Jackson and April in Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew are about to enjoy some much needed vocal rest.

After enduing a season in which their characters, estranged spouses Jackson and April, ricocheted from one shouting match to another, the actors are getting something of an emotional reprieve. For now, at least. READ MORE

Fall TV Preview

Grey's Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw Sitting Out First Two Episodes

Don’t bother paging Dr. Robbins when Grey’s Anatomy returns on Sept. 22 (8/7c, ABC), ’cause she’s not going to respond.

Jessica Capshaw, who gave birth to her fourth child in May, will be sitting out the first two episodes of Season 13 READ MORE