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Parenthood EP David Hudgins on Hank's Status and a New Path for Sarah that Will 'Let Her Shine'

With Jason Ritter off romancing Alexis Bledel on Fox’s Us & Them and Matt Lauria thisclose to closing a deal to return to Parenthood, one of the last remaining questions surrounding the NBC drama’s Season 5 is: What’s the status of Ray Romano‘s polarizing (kinda) homewrecker Hank? READ MORE

Parenthood: So, Is Everybody Lovin' Ray Romano...? (Because We Kinda Liked Him)

When it was first reported that Ray Romano would be recurring in Parenthood Season 4 as a possible romantic interest for Lauren Graham’s Sarah, TVLine commenters used one word, often, to sum up the casting: Weird.

We, too, had to question it. And yet, having now met his character, photographer Hank Rizzoli…. READ MOE


The Office Exclusive: Ray Romano, James Spader, Catherine Tate in Running For Top Job

With Steve Carell’s Office exit set to air in a matter of weeks (April 28 to be exact), you’d think the pool of possible Michael Scott successors would be narrowing.

Think again.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that three additional names have been added to the short long list of potential replacements: …READ MORE