Post Mortems

The Orville Creator, Star Talk About Tackling the Issue of [Spoiler] — Plus, Grade the Season 3 Premiere on Hulu

The following contains spoilers from the June 2 Hulu premiere of The Orville: New Horizons (aka Season 3).

With the long-awaited launch of its third season, The Orville wasted no time exploring dramatically prickly territory. READ MORE & GRADE PREMIERE

Fall TV Preview

Castle Boss Teases a Season of 'Explosive' Secrets, Defends Controversial Twist

Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe admits it wasn’t easy putting a bullet into Detective Kate Beckett in the Season 3 finale. But what doesn’t kill the NYPD cop will only make the show stronger.

“It was a pretty tough decision to shoot her — and to have Captain Montgomery take that [fatal] bullet,” Marlowe told TVLine during our visit to the hit ABC drama’s set … READ MORE

Fall TV Preview

New Castle Captain Lays Down the Law: There Will Be No Sexual Tension In My Precinct!

Being at Beckett’s side as she fights for her life isn’t the only crucible lying in wait for Castle‘s titular mystery writer when the ABC drama kicks off its fourth season on Sept. 19.

Instead, once the dust has settled on the season finale’s shocking shooting – which came on the heels of Captain Montgomery being killed — Beckett will find herself having to break in a new boss. But Victoria “Iron” Gates is not one to bend easily, if at all. READ MORE