Chasing Life Season 3: EP Reveals What Would Have Happened With April and Dominic, Beth's Baby and More

Two weeks after Chasing Life‘s cancellation — as well as April’s decision to give up the fight and live out her remaining days away from her family — TVLine has some good (and bad) news for fans of the ABC Family drama. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Chasing Life EP on Natalie's Discovery, April's Setback & More Season 2 Scoop

Chasing Life kicked off its long-awaited second season Monday, and because it’s not enough for April to merely juggle a wedding and a new career — you know, on top of her ongoing cancer battle — the writers also decided to throw the mother father of all curveballs at Ms. Carver. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Chasing Life EP Talks April and Leo's 'Epic Bond,' New Obstacles to Come

Chasing Life fans breathed a collective sigh of relief during Monday’s winter premiere when Leo finally emerged from his months-long coma, alive and well. But he left us with one very important question: “Now what?” READ MORE

Greek Video: Watch the Series Finale That Wasn't!

When Greek‘s third season was coming to a close back in 2010, the future of the ABC Family charmer was nothing but a big ol’ question mark.

Thankfully, showrunner Sean Smith had the presence of mind to shoot a fitting alternate ending should the worst come to pass (cancellation!) and Cappie and Co. didn’t have a chance to graduate. And guess what? We just got our hands on the lost footage! READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive: Greek Creator Developing Young Adult Adventure Drama for Fox

Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith is taking his special brand of young adult angst global.

Smith is developing an hour-long drama/adventure series for Fox set in the world of young international travelers.

The working title: …READ MORE