Exclusive: Grimm Outlook Ahead for Lost Alum Mark Pellegrino

After Lost’s Man in Black appeared on Grimm, it was only a matter of time before brother Jacob showed up.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Mark Pellegrino, who played the mythological ABC series’ ageless island protector, will guest-star in the upcoming second season of NBC’s darker-side-of-fairy-tales drama. READ MORE

Supernatural Boss Talks Bobby's Death, Dean's 'Unhealthy' State, Two Big Returns and Lots More

Oh, those poor Supernatural boys.

This season, the Winchesters have lost their beloved Impala, their friend Castiel and now their only remaining “family” member (RIP Bobby). But where did Bobby go? How will Cas come back? And is Sam about to lose his last marble? TVLine went to executive producer Sera Gamble …READ MORE


Mark Pellegrino Previews The Closer's New Legal Nightmare and Talks Of Being Human Again

This Monday on The Closer‘s winter finale (TNT, 9/8c), Gavin Q. Baker III may decide that working pro bono for the LAPD isn’t worth any amount of courtroom infamy, when yet another twist in the “Shootin’ Newton” case puts him and Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson even more on the defensive. In this exclusive TVLine Q&A, Mark Pellegrino spoke about …READ MORE


Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle's Time Trip, Supernatural, Revenge, Secret Circle and More

Is Castle fabulous in the ’40s? Which Revenge mainstay is about to become a lot more popular? Who is Sam Winchester’s “old friend”? Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows. GET THE INSIDE LINE


Castle Exclusive: Lost's Mark Pellegrino Travels Back in Time For Film Noir Episode

Castle has enlisted Lost and Supernatural vet Mark Pellegrino to headline its upcoming 1940s-set film noir-themed episode, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Pellegrino will play Tom Dempsey, a ruthless club owner from 1947 who has it out for …READ MORE

The Closer 'Gets Her Comeuppance'! Which Lost Alum Will Try to Save Her Bacon?

The seventh and final season of TNT’s The Closer will involve Brenda Leigh Johnson being called on the courtroom carpet about her super-shrewd methods for culling confessions and thus solving crimes. And it will be up to Lost alum Mark Pellegrino to keep the Deputy Chief’s reputation properly polished. READ MORE