Horror Story Bosses Talk Season 2's New Scares, More Returning Faves and... Glee Crossover?

Golden Globe and SAG Award winner Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto are far from the only Season 1 cast members returning for American Horror Story‘s sophomore run. And yet despite the influx of familiar faces, the FX hit’s creators promise very different characters and all-new scares. READ MORE


American Horror Story Exclusive First Look: Shocking Baby-Snatching Plot Hatched!

There are few things more entertaining than watching two incredibly gifted actresses attempt to out-crazy each other on camera.

Take, for example, the following first look clip from next Wednesday’s episode of FX’s American Horror Story, which finds two tormented and wholly unhinged souls — Lily Rabe’s Nora and Kate Mara’s Hayden — plotting a rather unorthodox kidnapping plot. …READ MORE