Idol Finale Feud Rages On: Nigel Says Lee Lied! How Did DeWyze Respond?

TVLine’s team of accountants has just reported in and it’s official: Lee DeWyze has officially made more headlines in the past 36 hours than in the preceding year since he was crowned American Idol, now that series boss Nigel Lythgoe has continued his Twitter feud with the seemingly (?) snubbed singer.

Addressing DeWyze’s claim that he was not asked to appear on-stage at Wednesday’s Season 10 finale until “about two minutes” beforehand — and that is why he declined the invite — Lythgoe on Friday morning tweeted … READ MORE

Idol's Nigel, Lee DeWyze Feud Over Finale Snub

Avid American Idol fans may have noticed a conspicuously low-key showing from incumbent champ Lee DeWyze at Wednesday night’s grand finale. Sure, DeWyze was in the audience for the fun-filled show, but why no on-stage action like fellow former Idols Carrie Underwood and David Cook?

Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe seemingly solved that mystery the day after… only to have his account of the situation refuted by DeWyze. READ MORE