Fringe: Scoop on Olivia's Doomed Fate, Peter's Exit Plan, David Robert Jones' Endgame and More

Last week’s episode of Fox’s Fringe — as an ersatz fall finale is wont to do — left viewers with many questions. For one, what’s up with the Observer’s very dire premonition about Olivia? What is big bad David Robert Jones’ endgame? And is Peter’s plan still to get out of Dodge? Though everyone was traditionally cryptic, here is what TVLine was able to glean from series bosses J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner and star lead Joshua Jackson. READ MORE

Fringe Bosses Preview Peter's Twisty Trip, an Observer's Bombshell and a Huge Season Finale

This Friday at 9/8c, Fox’s Fringe resumes its fourth season with our Peter Bishop more determined than ever to return “home” to his timeline, yet not able to avail himself of Walter’s genius-level problem-solving skills. Thus, he resorts to seeking counsel from “Walternate” – but to do so, Olivia and Lincoln will need to sneak our boy across to the other side, where more than a few surprises await. TVLine invited executive producers … READ MORE


Fringe Bosses Say this Season's Finale Can Work As Series Finale, But Hint at New Home for Saga

Fringe‘s uncertain future was a hot topic Sunday at the Television Critics Association press tour, with both the president of Fox and executive producer J.J. Abrams weighing in on what is and what might need to be.

But when TVLine spoke with EPs Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman earlier this week — after screening the show’s winter premiere (airing Friday, Jan. 13) — they shared their exit plan …READ MORE