Post Mortems

Teen Wolf Series Finale: Did the Ending Offer a Clue to MTV's Possible Reboot?

Admit it, we were all wondering the same thing during the closing moments of Sunday’s Teen Wolf series finale: Is this a subtle preview of the show’s much-discussed (but still theoretical) “reboot”? READ MORE

'Teen Wolf' Finale Week

Teen Wolf Finale Preview: Reunions, Deaths and 'Heroic Moments'

For the past six seasons, MTV’s Teen Wolf has filled fans’ heads with all kinds of thoughts, including the ever-popular “What is happening right now?” But with the series finale just days away, only one question remains: How’s it all going to end? READ MORE

Post Mortems

Teen Wolf Premiere: EP Talks Scott's Final Test, Derek's Next Move and More

Within the first five minutes of Sunday’s Teen Wolf premiere, it was clear that Scott & Co. were ready to get the heck out of Beacon Hills — if only their beloved hometown was ready to let them go. READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE