Post Mortems

Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Latest Victim Reveals Her Ghostly Return, Revenge Plans for Alison and More

Dry your tears, Pretty Little Liars fans, because the victim of Tuesday’s fatal finale tells TVLine that she’s not going anywhere. In fact, she’s “excited for this new twist” on her character. READ MORE

Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish Spills Finale Secrets: The Complete 'A' Team Will be Revealed!

“A dAngerous gAme” is the titillating name of Pretty Little Liars‘ Season 3 finale — airing this Tuesday at 8/7c — and based on what scene-stealer Janel Parrish tells TVLine, the title couldn’t be more accurate.

Without further adieu, find out what the actress behind Mona — the ABC Family drama’s original ‘A’ — reveals …READ MORE

Pretty Little Liars' 'A' Talks Big Reveal, Her Team of Helpers and Upcoming Time Jump

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars unmasked “A” – or at least the public face of the Liars’ tormenter – in its Monday-night Season 2 finale, but it’s rather evident that not all is as it seems when it comes to the true puppet master behind all the chilling chicanery.

The morning after the big reveal, TVLine spoke with … READ MORE