Glee Project's Ali Stroker on Playing the Bitch, Sexytimes With Blake and That Slushie Incident

Just because The Glee Project‘s Ali Stroker is paralyzed from the chest down doesn’t mean she always has to play the saint.

“I’m in a wheelchair, but there’s so much more to me,” says the 24-year-old actress, who got to show off her bitchy side, her sexy side, and …READ MORE

Glee Project's Aylin Bayramoglu on Muslim Stereotypes, Showmances and Adele Worship

Aylin Bayramoglu may have gotten tantalizing close to scoring a seven-episode arc on Glee, only to fall just shy of her goal, but you won’t hear her complaining. The co-runner-up on Season 2 of The Glee Project says that the competition “literally was a life-changing experience” that’s refocused her goals on landing a TV role and becoming a role model for young Muslim women who don’t often see themselves represented positively on the small screen.

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Glee Project Champ Blake Jenner on Bathroom Crying, Parrot Prison and...a Brittana Triangle?

How excited is Blake Jenner about winning Season 2 of Oxygen’s The Glee Project and scoring a seven-episode arc on the Glee mothership? “I feel like doing a million of the Superman jumps that I did right after I found out that I won,” says the 19-year-old Miami native, who moved to Hollywood two years ago this September to live the life of a struggling actor. “A really, really struggling actor,” he adds with a laugh.

But don’t cry for Jenner about …READ MORE

The Voice's Juliet Simms on Arranging 'Roxanne,' Living in a 'Man's World' and Avoiding Drama

It may be a man’s man’s man’s world when it comes to winning reality singing competitions these days, but Juliet Simms — runner-up on Season 2 of The Voice — takes it in stride. “You have to toughen up your skin and just prove you can rock,” she says. TVLine caught up with the gravelly voiced songbird to discuss the highs (“Roxanne”) and lows (“Cryin'”) of her Voice trajectory, the misinterpreted adjective that almost cost her fans during …READ MORE

Idology: DeAndre Brackensick on Jimmy's Scorn, Fresh Idol Songs, and a Genius Finale Idea

DeAndre Brackensick made it all the way to eighth-place on Season 11 of American Idol, but don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to his head. DeAndre is still the kind of teenager who uses “if” not “when” to describe the album he’d like to make, who talks about using negative comments as fuel to improve his performances, and who’s still smarting over the unexpected ouster of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

X Factor's Chris Rene on Fear of Cover Songs, Childhood Dance Class, and Unplugged Dreams

Chris Rene showed off the many sides of his personality during Season 1 of The X Factor: Crowd-pleasing urban artist, sensitive acoustic troubador, and optimistic young dad struggling to overcome a drug addiction. TVLine caught up with the third-place finisher to talk about his memorable audition, his fight to perform a second original track during the season, and a live-performance snafu you may or may not have caught. …READ MORE

X Factor's Rachel Crow Talks 'Stolen' Songs, Emotional Collapses, and Crack-Baby Jokes

Rachel Crow isn’t into faux humility. “I really love singing, and it’s definitely my number one, but I love acting too, and I really want to be huge,” says the 13-year-old moppet, who finished fifth on Season 1 of The X Factor. “I’m not saying I’m going to be huge, because by any means I might not, but I definitely dream big.” TVLine caught up with Rachel to find out why she specalizes in songs about heartbreak, how she felt watching back her emotional collapse on TV, and what types of jokes she told in her former life as a standup comic. …READ MORE

X Factor's LeRoy Bell on Why He Peformed Only Cover Tunes, and His Unlikely J.Lo Connection

LeRoy Bell may not have gotten the chance to play original material during his eighth-place run on Season 1 of The X Factor, but if you’ve ever taken an end-of-the-work-week road trip with the radio blasting, you may have heard his 1979 hit, “Livin’ It Up Friday Night.” We caught up with Bell to discuss the way X Factor obsessed over his status as the world’s hottest 60-year-old, what we didn’t see during his televised audition, and his tenuous connection to American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. …READ MORE