Reality Check: 'All Bets Are Off' on American Idol! Plus: Is Crazy Failure Worse Than a Total Lack of Risk?

“Baffling.” “Crunk.” “Taking chances.” “Butt booty naked.” “Shrinky dink.” “Bear running through the woods.”

These are just a few of the unexpected words and phrases spicing up the conversation on this week’s installment of Reality Check — where my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I dish READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

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American Idol has whittled the Season 14 field down to a mere 48 contestants — and that number will be halved again by week’s end. But as the show’s producers dole out extra screen time to a select few singers, this week’s Reality Check examines READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reality Check: Hooray for Hollywood Week on American Idol! Plus: The Ickiness of Contestants Hitting on J.Lo

Picture it…American Idol, Hollywood Week, Season 14. No vicious “Airplane Hangar of Doom.” No threat of Randy Jackson’s inane mentoring sessions. And a dozen (or two) fantastic, charismatic vocalists signaling the possibility of a truly stellar three months of competition. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reality Check: Idol's 'Perfect Audition' Dissected! Plus: 'Personality Vs. Vocals' — and Melinda's Minaj Moment!

The final week of American Idol‘s Season 14 audition tour helped redefine “flawless” in the post-Beyoncé era, posed the question “how young is too young?” in The House Where Scotty McCreery and Jordin Sparks Grew Up and threw in a crazy cat lady for good measure. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reality Check: How Old Is Too Old for Idol? (We Debate J.Lo's Icky Answer!) Plus: Savion and Sarina's Comebacks!

There’s optimism in the air surrounding Season 14 of American Idol — and mainly because two of the most egregious, pre-voting-round evictees from last year’s ho-hum installment are back and more brilliant than ever (or at least as brilliant as before). READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reality Check: Did American Idol Just Wrap Its 'Worst Season Ever'? Plus: The Voice Gets a Happy Ending, and J.Lo's Vocals 'Explained'!

Everyone take a deep, cleansing breath. American Idol and The Voice have wrapped their respective seasons, and whether or not you’re delighted with the results, there’s oh so much to discuss. (Idol fans, in particular, should stick around to the very end of this video.)

On this week’s Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I debate …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO