Idol Leaderboard: Let's Rank the Top 13!

Get ready, Idoloonies! Tonight will be your first chance to vote for the American Idol season 10 finalists, and the good news (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) is that the field remains pretty closely matched among its 13 combatants. Below, I’ve taken the liberty of ranking these would-be successors to Lee DeWyze, so check out my rankings, then head to our Leaderboard Poll to vote for your favorite and hit the comments to justify your pick. …READ MORE

Idol Leaderboard: Which Contestants Are Still Hot After Round One of Hollywood Week?

Hollywood Round continues on American Idolthis week, which means there’ll be plenty of tears, infighting, and forgotten lyrics — hopefully mixed in with at least a couple of star-making performances. And as if the season 10 hopefuls don’t already have enough to stress about, I thought we ought to ratchet up the pressure by counting down the top 20 singers based on talent and buzz from the previous eight episodes. Falling off the Idol Leaderboard from last week are


Idol Leaderboard: Top 20 Right Now!

Congratulations, you’re goin’ to Hollywood! But not until later this week. That’s right, American Idol returns tonight with the San Francisco auditions, before shifting gears to Hell Week on Thursday. With the prospect of entire holding rooms full of contestants collapsing like Ryan Seacrest without hair product, I thought we’d better prepare ourselves by counting down the 20 most promising Golden Ticket-holders from the season’s first six episodes. …READ MORE

Idol Leaderboard: Season 10's Top 20 So Far!

Like schoolkids lined up at the edge of a public pool on a hot summer day, the Idoloonie Nation stands ready to dive into Week Three of American Idol‘s tenth season tonight. (Forgive the rambling metaphor, but I kinda thought we could use some sunny imagery to distract us from All. This. Damn. Snow.) Before we head to Austin, TX, with Steven, J.Lo, Randy, Ryan, and the Ghost of Ellen DeGeneres’ critiques (nickname: “You Were Great!”), however, I thought it prudent to count down the 20 most promising Golden Ticket-holders from the New Jersey, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Nashville tryouts. …READ MORE