Ground Floor Adds Stand-Up Comic Emily Heller in Season 2

Bill Lawrence is elevating one of his charges from the writers room to the Ground Floor.

Stand-up comic Emily Heller, who served as a scribe on Lawrence’s short-lived Fox comedy Surviving Jack, is joining Ground Floor in Season 2 in a recurring role READ MORE

Ground Floor's Briga Heelan: 8 Things to Know About the TBS Comedy's Pretty 'Revelation'

Tonight at 10/9c, TBS invites you to get in on the Ground Floor with its new comedy about a money manager named Brody (played by Pitch Perfect‘s Skylar Astin) who one night hooks up with — and then remains hooked on — Jenny, who works wayyy downstairs in his office building’s maintenance office.

As such, in addition to being what Astin has dubbed a “sitcom, office-place version of Downton Abbey,” …READ MORE